Hair removal can be unpleasant, especially with a lack of proper techniques. Through our sessions, you can experience safe and easy hair removal without any worries. Our wax is formulated to ensure that removal is quick and painless for you to enjoy the smoothness of your skin.

Under Arm

Without damaging sensitive skin, waxing underarms removes unwanted hair. Be free of razor burns and have fresh, clean underarms.

Half Arm

Remove arm hair from above the elbows to your wrist and enjoy soft, supple skin.

Full Arm

From shoulder to wrist, enjoy clean and silky-smooth arms without any razor bumps or cuts.

Full Back

Back hair grows in difficult-to-reach places. Remove the irritation of back hair with our full back waxing and feel instant confidence.

Body Front

Our body front waxing treatment will help you save time from shaving sensitive areas.

Half Leg Bottom

Remove leg hair from top of your knees to your ankle, and leave skin feeling soft.

Half Leg Upper

Enjoy smooth, hairless thighs without any hassle. This treatment involves hair removal from the front and back of both thighs.

Full Leg

From the top of your thigh to the ankle, our full leg waxing treatment ensures that you are free of razor burns and cuts. Your legs will feel soft, smooth and refreshed.

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