Aqua Dermabrasion

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Aqua Dermabrasion is the latest skin healing technology that utilises the natural power of water and oxygen to generate hydrated and healthy looking skin.

SkinSoul uses this method to thoroughly and gently exfoliate your skin without the use of hard crystals or textured wands. Aqua Dermabrasion revitalises your skin with ultimate hydration.


  1. Instantly revitalises and nourishes worn out, dehydrated and sunken skin.
  2. Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and plump up complexion.
  3. Treat and decrease congestion and acne while improving acne scarring.
  4. Minimise the look of huge pores and refine thickened skin.
  5. Enhance the appearance of pigmentation and sun-damaged skin.
  6. Thoroughly exfoliate dead skin cells and promote new collagen and elastin production.
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