The stress of urban living can take its toll over time, manifesting in aches and pains in your body. Give your body the pampering it deserves with our wide selection of massage services. Our therapists are well skilled in the art of bodywork, and each session will leave you feeling lighter and completely invigorated.
Herbal Ball Compress Treatment150 minutes

The therapy relies on the use of hot compresses or "poultices" filled with a selection of herbs and spices. Those compresses, generally wet and then steamed, are gently applied to specific points of the body releasing their healing benefits into the pores of the skin. Combined with the use of hands to focus the massage on knots

Signature Deep Tissue Massage60/90/120 minutes

Perfect after a long day's work. The Deep Tissue Massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues to relieve tension. This trigger-point massage focuses on areas of concentrated tight muscle fibers, alleviating any chronic aches and pains. It also promotes other health benefits not limiting to mental relaxation and increasing blood flow in your body. Massage pressure is subjected to individual's preference.

Soul Aromatic Massage60/90/120 minutes

Aromatherapy helps relieve physical exhaustion and emotional stress. The use of essential oils stimulate the healing process throughout the body by increasing one's flow of oxygen. The calming scent of the natural essential oils used in the Soul Aromatic Massage relaxes your mind and body. Our techniques combined with the beneficial properties of essential oils makes this massage ideal for pain relief. Massage pressure is subjected to individual's preference.