The Lover Lip Color Set

Country Of Origin: Italy
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Get a limited 3-lipstick pouch with each other. While stocks last.

SGD 100.00

Available Options

Fearless You includes:
Euphoric 12, Love 13, Groovy 15

Alluring You includes:
Desire 01, Happiness 04, Passion 09

Lavish You includes:
Fun 02, Courage 03, Kindness 08

Glamorous You includes:
Amused 06, Strength 10, Pride 14

Enchanting You ncludes:
Demure 05, Respect 07, Joy 11


  • Infused with Plumping and Hydrating Actives
  • Glides on smoothly

Key Ingredients

Derived from India's Mukul Myrrh tree, this extract contains commipherol and commipherine, which have the unique ability to make lips appear plumper and smoother.

Known for its antioxidant properties, it defends the skin against free radical damages and external skin stressors.

How To Apply

STEP 1. Starting from the Cupid’s bow, apply lipstick towards the outer corner of the lips.

STEP 2. Repeat until desired colour is achieved.


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